Buffalo chicken salad – so easy a toddler (with proper parental supervision and maybe some cooking classes or something) could do it!

So, I kind of hesitate to even call this a recipe. I suppose it’s more of a method.

Look at me, using phrases that TV chefs use.

But really, you could pretty much throw anything you have in your fridge on some lettuce (except for iceberg, iceberg is 99% water and 1% lies and 100% useless) and drown it in ranch dressing and call it a salad.

This *particular* combination reminds me, though, of my positively dreadful time as a hotel housekeeper.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m totally not comparing this salad to like cleaning toilets or something. The hotel I worked at had a full-service restaurant and, for only $3, employees could order pretty much whatever they wanted from the menu for lunch. Best part of the day by like 1000%. Clearly.

The cook would pile tons of toppings on top of a romaine blend, and then I, having free roam of the salad dressing cooler, would absolutely drown it in blue cheese dressing and then shove it in my face within the remaining few minutes of my designated lunch period.

It took me a few months to not feel like crying when I thought out that place when I quit (I’m exaggerating. Kind of.) but this salad kept me on the keto track when I worked there, so it’s a fond memory.

Here’s the deets for my version, which is just as satisfying if not better:

Simply marvelous.

Simply marvelous.

Ingredients for 1 (pretty darn huge) serving:

– ~2 cups or so of your favorite salad blend, or just some chopped romaine

– ~2 tablespoons each, chopped: red onion, roma tomato, cucumber, jicama, etc. Think crunchy veggies.

– 2 tablespoons crumbled blue cheese

– 2 tablespoons good ranch dressing (Get the refrigerated kind. Seriously. Also, I don’t know who I’m kidding, I totally used like half a cup here.)

– one or two ounces of cheddar cheese, cubed or shredded

– ~4-6 oz. cooked, cubed chicken (I used boneless skinless chicken breast because I’m weird about texture and dark meat. Whatevs, tho.)

– 2 tablespoons UNSALTED butter

– 2 tablespoons Frank’s Red Hot (No subs, yo.)

Here’s what ya do:

Throw your lettuce and your veggies into a big bowl or on a big plate. Toss ’em together. Top with cheddar. Set aside.

Mix blue cheese into ranch dressing. Set aside. (Really, you could totally just use blue cheese dressing, but I’m a control freak. What can I say?)

In a mediumish or whatever skillet, melt your butter over mediumish heat. Stir in the hot sauce. Stir around until just heated. Throw in the chicken. Stir it around until that’s heated through, but not too long or your buffalo sauce will separate.

Immediately transfer this mixture onto your salad mixture, juice and all. Drown it in blue cheese dressing.

Die of happiness.


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